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A video editing program.

While it seems really nice, I couldn't get through its tutorial. When investigating purchasing it, I learned that it's a software as a service; no thanks.

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Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker - (2019 movie) poster

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Supergirl supers superly.

Oh my god this is trash from every angle. Bad writing, bad acting, bad .. just bad everything everywhere always. It has no high points. Disney can suck a dick.

  • AKA Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

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Bye Bye Monkey - (1978 movie) poster

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(on Wikipedia [ 1 ] It looks like there's some feminist propaganda there. )

Something about an idiot of a man..

I couldn't get into this, it's just bad.

  • aka Ciao Maschio

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^ 1 It looks like there's some feminist propaganda there.

Under the Skin - (2013 movie) poster

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Something something Scarlette Johansson something picking up people to kill something skin? something.

Artsy trash.

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Avoid, especially if you like the Harry Potter series!


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A British wizard travels to New York City, but his case full of endangered magical creatures causes trouble in a city that already has its own creature problem.

Weak characters, a shit plot with lots of filler and generally unlikeable. Especially bad in light of the earlier movies set in this universe. God that main character is fucking terrible to watch.

I will forever misremember this title as Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them. No fantastic breasts were found in this movie.

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My policy in general is to have as few moving parts as possible. The few inter-dependant projects, the simpler the software, the more straightforward the setup is the easier everything becomes.

PulseAudio is a steaming pile of shit which I've never had working correctly. Even finding basic documentation on how to use it isn't out there.

Brought to you by the author of systemd, so you know it's Evil.

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https://tuomov.iki.fi/software/ [ 1 ] was http://modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~tuomov/ion/

A keyboard-oriented window manager.

Clunky in places, and some things were non-obvious and needed some reading.

My hands hurt after using it for a little while, because the default hotkeys are Wrong. Heck, the defaults aren't just "not for me", the defaults are bad. Because of poor documentation, it's too much work for me to figure out how to customize it the way I want.

  • Abandoned - No longer under development, forked into notion

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A website/blog engine.

Decent. I switched to this because I didn't really want to get into making my own thing. I can tolerate WordPress because of BlogText.

NOTE - WordPress is controlled by a dictatorship of tyrannical assholes. This won't matter to most people, but it will for some.

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