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A rather obvious topic that I didn't find good resources for when I was first interested in my shakuhachi. It got shelved for a long time because of that.

This topic isn't about the other necessary things:

If you can't put the flute to your mouth and make a decent note quite quickly, you probably aren't ready for anything more than Mary Had a Little Lamb and maybe not even that, yet. This is fine; accept your limitations so you have some place to set goals from.

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At best, my computer hangs when prompting for a password. I think this is related to the 4.4.14 kernel but have not confirmed this.


These instructions are a lot easier than they seem, and a smart and patient beginner will be able to follow them!

  • These notes were made from instructions from Slackware "current", as of 2016-11-05, and have been tested on Slackware 14.2, and 14.2 32bit.
  • These notes were made on an everyday system with one hard drive which I completely formatted for this purpose.

    • If you are a new user, it is strongly recommended that you remove all hard drive's your using and do this on a spare unused/empty drive.
  • This concept and these notes build a full-disk Slackware installation which also uses LVM. You can safely ignore the entire LVM post and just follow this one.

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I wanted to play Okami on my PlayStation 2 again. My old monitor had an S-Video input, but newer ones do not.

There are little adapters and adapter-cables, but those will not work on most monitors. They are a sort of "straight through" adapter which rely on the monitor understanding the signal a certain way. I bought a "HDV-G3000 PS2 to HDMI Video Audio Converter Adapter 1080P" which did not work.

Solution: Most people have RCA connectors, but what you really want is to have the highest-quality output from the PS2 and convert it using a device. So you take the high-quality cable for a PS2, which gives you S-Video output, and plug that into a converter box. The plus side is you can do upscaling and probably video switchboxing.

I ended up getting:

An two-source audio mixer, so I can use one set of speakers for my computer and the PS2 is another project I only briefly looked at and haven't started yet.

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