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Logan (Wolverine) gets tangled up with a girl fleeing a mutant research and breeding lab that is definitely nothing like that of Dark Angel - (2000 show).

Not recommended.

This is like a DC version of X-Men. It was passable at best, and a good way to put the whole series and concept of comic book movies to bed. I think I'll end them all on this low note.

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TODO - I'll add notes when I get around to re-watching this.

X-Men - Days of Future Past (2014) poster

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  • Properly titled X-Men: Days of Future Past

Van Helsing - (2004 movie) poster

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An unaged man without a memory is sent by a secret multifaith order of monster hunters as the last hope of a lineage doomed to purgatory unless they slay the lord of all vampires.

Not a great or bad movie, but still good enough to be worth watching. It's mostly interesting because of its main character, and the rest of it is piecemeal and without particular substance.

I think this movie was my initial introduction to Kate Beckinsale, and it turns out she's a lot hotter in my memory than in this actual movie. Maybe she was better-presented in the next movies of hers that I saw after this.

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X-Men - The Last Stand (2006) poster

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This is probably not going to be re-watched. I can't remember it, and I have notes that say I didn't like it.

  • Properly titled X-Men: The Last Stand

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Swordfish - (2001 movie) poster

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A recently-ex-con world-renown hacker is swept into the well-planned efforts to fund long-term anti-terrorist terrorism.


Ignoring the Hollywood-hacker bullshit, it's a good movie, particularly because so few, at least at its release, would be so A-class and yet have this particular topic. It helps shape the understanding of the passion behind Lawful Evil.

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