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TODO - add my notes, and scripts

Optimizes JPEG images, performing magic to reduce size, or optionally stripping metadata for even further savings, or performing lossy re-compression for potentially extraordinary size reduction.

I like this idea, and it's actually freed up a significant amount of space. Being able to take a 5MB file and knock it down to 1MB while maintaining excellent visual quality.. is astonishing

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SVG editor

This is in my toolkit for whenever I need to do anything with SVG files. For just converting them, I use GIMP.

It is meant for image creation and not editing. I've used this for several projects, like my Chinese flash cards.

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Chocolatey: gimp

An incredibly capable (and therefore very convoluted) image editor.

I use this:

  • GNU Image Manipulation Program

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An image viewer is essential to any contemporary computer, and it's something that's taken for granted.

It's a really simple concept, and one which is apparently impossible for most programmers to get right. If you're one of those image viewer programmers, drop by so I can slap you upside the head. Do you think you're users want to launch your program to view one image and have your program stop to build 10,000 icons in that directory?

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