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The Neverending Story

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A boy skips school, is assaulted by bullies then hides from them in a bookstore which he robs, then hides out in his school's attic to read.

An extraordinarily powerful movie.

There's a certain feeling with movies in the 1980's which were positioned for children but had unashamedly-adult themes running through them. The Neverending Story has, at its core, themes of literacy, imagination, will, loss, hope and determination.

  • Originally titled Die unendliche Geschichte

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I have a particular set of skills.

Ok, talents. I can find things. It's part of a set of talents, some of which I've developed into a keen, somewhat chipped but nonetheless sharp edge.

I've posted on this somewhere before, but.. uh.. apparently I'm some sort of hypocrite and don't research through my own content the way I do for other stuff. I guess I don't like me enough.