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(on Wikipedia) [ 1 ] warning: Ideology; and notice how this browser doesn't even have its own page. [ 2 ] was

A web browser that uses components from Chrome to build a more security-conscious browser which also has a server-independent commenting mechanism like an old ICQ project had.

Like Chrome, it's missing fundamental things.

  • Abandoned - As of 2022-02-18 - The project was to be reworked to be based on Firefox instead of Brave, but that didn't seem to get off the ground.

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^ 1 warning: Ideology; and notice how this browser doesn't even have its own page.
^ 2 was

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Everything is frail to failure. Be it hardware, software, data, business relationships, or people, nothing is immortal and immutable.

Many things are immediately recognized; the hardware and software, but we fail to see people; the wetware. They represent the intellectual backbone of major projects, the "wet infrastructure" upon which our technology relies, and when they cannot contribute, their projects suffer and we suffer. Their influence isn't just notable, but critical.

For the internet, esr calls them Load-Bearing Internet People.

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Content platforms, funding systems and search engines can go insane with ideological bias, creating an extralegal layer oppressing content creators. Can a completely neutral platform, which stands wholly on legal ground and is detached from moral judgement, even exist?

This is a rambling thought experiment which thinks about a payment processor, crowdfunding or patronage platform..

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Real Venezuela has never been tried.
Real Venezuela has never been tried.

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(on Wikipedia)

In Venezuela, when a democratically-elected socialist starts ruining the fourth largest oil industry in the world, using socialism, effort is made to initiate a regime change.

It begins as a pro-communist propaganda piece on how socialism didn't do nothin' wrong and real communism has never been tried. It gets good later on, as there are legitimate concerns actually being shown.

Feel free to look at this and compare it to current (2017-2018) reactions to United States president Donald Trump, because it will make your head explode.

You can thank events featured around this time, and the fucktardedness that followed, for plunging 90% of the population into poverty.. and I'm not exaggerating. This is the wealth-generation of socialism.

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