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Modifies item tooltips to display the number of items on alts.

Does not highlight the current character's item!

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A bag/bank addon notable for its pre-configured categories and ability to "thin down" the list of inventory items.

Not especially awesome, and it's a far cry from what ArkInventory can do, but it's simple and fast.

BagSync is recommended as a companion, since AdiBags knows/shows nothing about what's in one's bank or on alts.

  • TODO - figure out how to order the categories in their list. I'm sick of things being inconsistent and bouncing around.

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A bag AddOn, with ludicrously-complex functionality.

It's display windows are built from 'virtual bars', where you assign categories to bars so that items in that category are displayed on the specific bars you want.

ArkInventory was slow as fuck to log in with or open my bags/bank with, though an update that introduced delayed start helped a lot. This was probably due to my heavy customization. I upgraded my computer.

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ancient outdated notes

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The (then) current list of AddOns which I'm using or will try soon, as well as other todo notes, troubleshooting notes and the like.

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