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A bad guy blackmails the good guys because he likes this one good girl.

My impression from the first few episodes was:

Seems "ok". Unless this has a more interesting story-arc, I won't consider this particularly good. The predictable and episodic nature of television bores the shit out of me. It makes a series only valuable only the course of multiple episodes and individual episodes become the shit I have to slog through.

My later impression, from the end of the second season:

Characters were slow and stiff until they were developed more fully. When they were, a broader story arc took hold, making this show quite a bit more interesting.

My final impression:

It gets repetitive and annoying.

Avoid cliffhangers: Watch more when it's part way into the next season.

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Stargate (1994) poster

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An ancient discovery in Egypt, from before the pyramids, is found to be a gateway to another world which is still kept as a slave planet by Ra, a self-appointed god who is an alien just trying to get by.

A fantastic movie. Not exactly mandatory. Perhaps elements of it don't feel like they have held up well, or maybe there has been so much excellent science fiction before, during and since its time.

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