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Upon hearing of his master's death, a man returns to Shanghai amidst tensions from its Japanese occupation, and learns there was foul play.

Quite a good movie, with all the basic elements. There's next to none of the B-movie cheese that's pervasive of such films, so it's good enough for everyday people.

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On the way to moving to a new town, a girl stumbles upon and is trapped in a pocket dimension with an old Japanese bath house run by spirits and non-humans.


A spectacular movie. Youthful but with a balance of fantasy spectacle and horror.

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A book on Bushido, the old way of the samurai, as created in conversation with an old master-turned-monk.

In a time when the others were softening up, a samurai who had lost his master and left to live in a monastery spoke in hushed tones to a friend about the old ways he grew up in. Although he and others insisted the manuscripts be burned, the promises were broken when they were kept secret. They would be later compiled and published, and even later translated from its original Japanese.

A particularly interesting book. Although most of it is definitely not directly-applicable today, I think anyone who already has a sufficient "wisdom" (whatever that means) will find bits and pieces of insight.

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This got posted here instead of mobygames because they own comments after they are posted. No thanks, I write for me or for free.

Okami is a PS/2 game.  It's an action/adventure type game, with an expansive world to explore, a huge set of skills, a lot of things to do .. and is just generally fun.

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A QWERTY clamshell palmtop which runs Linux.


  • ~2010-01-24 -- This was replaced by my Pandora.
  • ~2006-06-12 -- This mostly-replaced my Dell DJ Ditty.
  • ~2006-06-12 -- This replaced my HP 200LX.

    • I pair $400 CAD for it.

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