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Immortals - (2011 movie) poster

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A warlord seeks to unleash the enemies of the gods to kill them.

While watchable, I would only recommend it to fans of the sword and sandal genre who can also stand the "quality" that Hollywood offers.

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The Last Panthers (2015-) poster

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Driven by De Beers' manufactured value of diamonds, the story follows a robbery being investigated by police and an ugly insurance woman of some sort.

Maybe it gets better, but it's slow and boring. Maybe I needed to see an extended-length pilot episode. This has John Hurt, but that's not good enough for me. Maybe I should have given this more of a chance, but .. I'm not going to.

  • Has scenes spoken in the French language, with English subtitles. It takes place in France, so there are a lot.
  • Has scenes spoken in the Serbian language, with English subtitles.

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Once I re-watch this I'll add some more notes.

Alien (1979) poster

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A crew of civilians investigates a distress beacon, but it turn out to be a warning that they were too late to heed.

Alien is another "first to get there" movie which has set the bar for its sub-genre.

It has a dirty old-but-futuristic look to it that really stretches its technological and budgetary limitations. As it turns out, this has given the movie incredible longevity. For a movie as old as this, it easily stands the test of time.

  1. Alien - (1979 movie)
  2. Aliens - (1986 movie)
  3. Alien 3 - (1992 movie)
  4. Alien - Resurrection - (1997 movie)


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Rescued from an unknown realm, a demon, raised as a monster-hunting government agent, faces his destiny and the destruction of the world.

A rather good movie, because it features a relatable and mortal character. The time of its release was not saturated with this genre, so it was gave a strong impression. Even re-watching it was entertaining. I think this will hold up very well over time.