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Of Mice and Men - (1937 book), by John Steinbeck cover

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A too-forgiving man and his stupid brute of a friend travel as farm hands to scrape together money for the dream of owning their own land.

A thriller, a gripping tale ... that you will not set down until it is finished. Steinbeck has touched the quick.

-- The New York Times, who are about as smart as Lenny.

An unforgivably-terrible book. Awful almost beyond reason. Plodding and boring, it's only a "page turner" because it's tauntingly short enough to tear through like ripping off a bandage. But on the plus side, although it's littered with written-accents, it's not difficult to read.. plus the ending is great!

2019-08-07 - Wow, this was so forgettable that I couldn't actually remember reading it until I read the first few paragraphs..