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The studio didn't get to keep his career.
The studio didn't get to keep his career.

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An infamous criminal hides from or fights bounty hunters for years, only to be declared the enemy of a galaxy-spanning crusade.

This comes after Riddick - (2013 movie), but isn't really a continuation as such. If you didn't like that movie, then obviously don't see this one. If you did, then this is a risky recommendation. It's definitely not the same in any way.

I didn't like it, but it's not awful or anything. Maybe the fact that I didn't take a lot of notes says something. Well maybe it says that Disgaea - Hour of Darkness - (2003 game) is more interesting to grind while watching.

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A buddy cop show with an android, set in the near future.

It's great all around, especially the acting from the lead characters. Once the initial interest wears off, it lacks the good writing to give it either an episodic groove or an overall story arc. It's especially poor with an arc which could last it into another season, trivially-justifying its cancellation.

Recommended only for fans of "loose" science fiction who would be interested in the robot buddy cop angle. Watch one episode, then decide. Others can give it a pass, unless they like Karl Urban, who plays a cop played by Karl Urban.

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Another alien race is whipped up, with another genocidal personality wielding another universe-threatening super weapon, and The Enterprise and her crew are once again the only thing standing in the way.

God, yet another of the same old shit. If you liked the other, you'll like this.

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Surviving an assassination attempt but stranded on a hostile world, the eponymous anti-hero finds himself hunted for his bounty.

Decent, but I'd only recommend this for fans of the whole series. On it's own, it's not a particularly interesting movie.

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While the primary fleet is away, fresh-recruits are sent to investigate a distress call from an allied planet.

A reboot and alternate-timeline of the series. It's "good", but is also the bubblegum one ought to expect these days.