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My first recipe.

This is a chili-like bean dish, eaten alone. It uses readily available ingredients, only one medium-sized pot, has only two things you need to chop up. It takes a good half an hour to get past the preparation and initial stages, and over an hour for it to cook slowly.

This makes two big bowls.

Very tasty.. tamer than the curry alone, the onions definitely add a flavour. The lentils are still pretty firm. It's an interesting stew of sorts. Of note, there is a sweetness to it which I can't put my finger on. It's probably from either the onions (browned a bit too much -- carmalizes the sugars) or the raisins.

I think this can be eaten with some fresh bread as a meal unto itself. A glass of milk with it would be nice to help tame the spicyness, not that it's very spicy.

This is REALLY good cold!

(Food and Cooking)

Playing around with my bean stew recipes some more, I decided first to cook one of my $3 white onions. Except I used a different element and ended up browning them. So I went with it.

I used only Chick peas and when washing them to cook them (just in case) I saw that they had a fine skin. Trying to get them off wasn't working, so I brought them to a rapid boil and had to fiddle around to get the skins to float to the top of the pot to skim them off.

I wasn't sure what to do with the handfuls of these wierd skins. They remind me of spent paintball shells.

Add stuff, cook stuff.. yadda yadda.. the pot is cooling in the freezer, so I can box it all to bring it to work without melting the plastic. Maybe I should use a piece of cardboard like those chinese restaraunts.

Trivia: This title was picked from the phrase "girls r wierd", as admitted by a girl I knew and loved. No, I'm not relating girls to beans. Sigh.