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An app to view and assist the OpenStreetMap project.

Nice and simple.

  • Mostly-Sandboxed

    • Stores data externally. Might be able to communicate to-and-from other apps, but doesn't appear to bother.
  • Location optional

    • For its compass.
  • WiFi required

    • To sync data and provide your answers.

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A simple mapping program which can optionally track your position ongoing, to let you easily follow breadcrumbs back to your start (like a parked car).

I used it for its compass.

  • Sandboxed; does not use/share data with other apps.
  • Location optional

    • Used for its main position tracking feature.
    • Usable disabled just as a simple map app.
    • Used for a compass.
  • WiFi optional

    • Required to downloading offline data. Zoom in and out in various important places to make sure it works.
    • Can be disabled once your data

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Software I use for my Blue Yeti Nano

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This is regarding "version one"

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  • aka wsl
  • Sometimes known as Bash on Ubuntu on Windows or Bash on Windows

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For reading, writing, and manipulating image, audio, video, and PDF metadata.

  • 2018-05-02 - 9.74-1 on Devuan-1.0.0-jessie-i386-DVD

    • \apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl
  • 2017-05-31 - 9.74-1 on Devuan 1.0.0-beta

    • \apt-get install exiftool
  • 2009-03-25 - (version not recorded) on PCLinuxOS (version not recorded)

    • \apt-get install perl-Image-ExifTool