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  • aka wsl
  • Sometimes known as Bash on Ubuntu on Windows or Bash on Windows

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I darken its background colour
I darken its background colour

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Chocolatey: babun

A customized Cygwin for Linux on Windows: Zsh, Bash, Git and other Linux software, all pre-configured.

Can install other software provided by Cygwin.

  • 712, 774 - apparently abandoned, last updated 2016-05-02.

    • The main contributors are still alive, I see them posting on their Twitters.
    • I'll likely move to pure Cygwin, and get my common applications installed. That should be easy, but who the hell knows with Linux.

My configuration specific to Babun is currently scattered throughout my git repository, just findinall Babun (using my findinall() )

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TODO - add my notes, and scripts


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Provides a reasonable environment for working with Git while trapped on Windows. A console window with Bash, various everyday linux console applications, and git.

I loved it, and used it regularly for sane scripting when trapped on Windows, via bash, as well as for git itself.

I replaced it with Cygwin/Babun.

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update 2 - this is basically pointless with contemporary hardware and software. Just use the defaults for something like cgdisk or GParted: [ 1 ] was

Use MiB alignment for modern operating systems.

The Cylinder/Head/Sector values reported by modern disk devices no longer have a direct physical relationship to the data stored on the disk device. Hence it is no longer valid to use this alignment setting to achieve enhanced performance.

update: cgdisk, when beginning with a new partition table, when creating the first partition, automatically creates a small empty partition before it, and thus is said to align everything properly. I haven't double-checked this.

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