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(on Wikipedia) [ 1 ] was

A Linux distribution. A Linux system rescue disk.

  • Note - If you just want to repair your boot loader, try boot-repair.
  • I'm sure an updated version will use systemd, as Gentoo now does.

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was [ 1 ] was but was later purged from The Wayback Machine; fuck.

A live distribution focused on security and secure communications.

It has a lot of goodies cooked-in. I played with it for a bit, and think it's ok.. but I'd need to hack on it a bit to make it work more comfortably for me.

  • Properly titled Liberté Linux
  • Abandoned

    • As of 2015-04-16 the project is dormant/dead. If it woke up it would use systemd, as Gentoo does.

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^ 1 was but was later purged from The Wayback Machine; fuck.

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(on Wikipedia)

In early 2013, Ubuntu, Red Hat (Fedora), Arch Linux and anything GNOME-related fell from my grace due to fundamental technology (e.g. systemd) or political issues (being evil).

I've been looking at some other distributions, particularly Gentoo-derived distributions.. but not Gentoo itself, since it's insane. Funtoo and Sabayon came up, and since Funtoo requires more free drive space than I have at the moment I checked out Sabayon.

2016-04-18 - Yeah, well.. since Gentoo now uses systemd, all it's sub-distributions will be dragged into the pit with it.

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Based on Gentoo Linux, the Cacko X11 Rom and The Emerde Project.