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Like scrabble with words, assemble phrases to do varying degrees of insult-damage.

This definitely should appeal to some people, but it doesn't appeal to me. I think this would be especially attractive to people with an Android phone.

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An awkward dungeon management game, with walls you can't dig out, rooms you build but don't know how much of or what size, and an interface that could only be inspired by a 1980s DOS game.

Absolutely not recommended.

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A roguelike game with a tactical side to it.

I like it, but only played a little of it as this sort of game doesn't seem to grab me any more. Definitely recommended for fans of this style of game. Don't be put off by its graphics. Like a good book, the pictures are in your head.

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A terrible FPS semi-roguelike game.

Procedurally-generated levels. Extraordinarily unfairly unnecessarily hard. Not fun at all.

I ended up getting a refund.

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