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These are high-quality pens which use ceramic-tipped water-based refills.

Much of my writing is pen and paper, and the right pen is extremely important. A certain balance, texture and weight of pen, and a smooth writing experience are important to me. Put one of these pens down on a table, and spin them. They spin around the central closure for when the cap fits against the pen. That's Japanese quality.

I've bought these from ThinkGeek [ 1 ] was at , but most recently I'm buying them from

I do not know if this ink is archival quality!

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These are high-quality notebooks with archival quality paper.

Much of my writing is pen and paper, and it turns out that good paper also matters a lot. I'm perfectly comfortable with cheap paper in a three-ring binder, but I want something much better for travel and for long-term storage. A bookshelf of these little notebooks also look a hell of a lot better than binders.

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NZHT. 103-h2 case - black - front angle

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NZXT H2 Silent Mid-Sized Tower

aka NZXT CS-NT-H2-B or H2-001-BK

Conclusion: Seems great!

NZXT H2 Silent Mid-Sized Tower

I snapped off the front door, tried to glue it on and then snapped it off again. While it's not fragile as fuck, I'm clumsy and it's not very well made.

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A tool-free dock. Plug a hard drive in like a floppy. Does not support hot swapping, but doesn't need to. Turn it off, plug in a hard drive, turn it on.

Has two front-facing IDE ports.

Thermaltake BlacX Duet Thermaltake-ST0014U.jpg

This is an eSATA dual hdd docking station.

Purchased so my Raspberry Pi and then CubieTruck could have good storage.

Has both a USB and an EIDE connector. I bought it for the latter.

Using two hard drives simultaneously requires a USB port which has "port duplication", a feature which, sadly, my motherboard didn't have.

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Antec Sonata silent case


Helps with HDDs and general acoustic issues. The newer version of this case is even better, since it doesn't feature any "speed holes". =/