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An in-game text editor and addon authoring tool (Lua).

Keep notes with it, write Lua scripts, or prototype addon concepts in its trimmed down development environment. Organize your scripts into folders and share them with other _DevPad users. Scripts can run automatically on login like mini addons, and can call each other like libraries or dependencies.

An absolutely spectacular AddOn that I'm not sure I can live without.

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(on Wikipedia)

A programming language of some note.

I had some small interest in this language, primarily because it's used for World of Warcraft addon programming and general scripting [ 1 ] Note that World of Warcraft's programming is separate from it's macros. , but I ended up losing interest in it and in programming in general.

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1. Note that World of Warcraft's programming is separate from it's macros.

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Good time management is an incredible stress-reducer.

I think I've been able to bring my various experiences to a time management system which works for me.


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This is not quite a live projects -- there's lots to learn!

This is primarily for movie-DVDs, with instructions for Linux. Another topic covers ripping audio.

Use cases:

  • Backup discs you own, before disc rot sets in.
  • Rip discs and keep them safe

    • e.g. parents with little kids (or drunken friends) who damage discs.
  • Playing on DVD-driveless devices

    • (or devices where the DVD player has stopped working)
    • Such as a phone or portable media player.
      - e.g. a portable player for road trips.

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  • 2019-11-17 -- I lightly pursued some of it.. but I didn't think to open a project for this..
  • 2007-06-17 -- This has always been something I've wanted to do, because I love the feel of a pen. But I was never immediately good at it so I never pursued it.

to be started, some time soonish

more coming eventually

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You will find a huge number of reviews here. Pick any topic, then build a tag off of it.


Some are fairly minimal, and I call those "glances". Unfortunately the tagging isn't particularly good, as I've often tagged something as both "reviews" and "glances".

I've done a lot of work elsewhere in the wide world of software. Some of the notes are in scattered archives of email, paper notes or random textfiles. When I get around to finding and tidying up notes, they'll eventually find themselves here.

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