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Downloads the comments on YouTube videos.

Used to be available at but that IP got banned because of overuse.

WARNING - Do not overuse this program, or maybe you will get IP-banned.

See my script for how I use it.

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A boy is abused, gets hit on the head, is institutionalized and has a daydream.

Raises the bar for acting with this character. A good movie, but definitely not traditional. Riveting without a particularly obvious thread. It could have been a whole lot better, but it would have needed to delve into the true and far darker roots of the main character; his mother, and you can't do that because she's a woman.

After watching this movie I just realized I didn't see the earlier one. Whoops.

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A military man of small renown and great skill is swept up into a conflict that engulfs his nation in war, driving a wedge between himself, his people and his love.

A movie the likes of which I've never seen and doubt I ever will again.

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A meal replacement beverage.

The cocoa version is like drinking chocolate ice cream, including the gummy mouth feel afterwards. It's definitely only a "treat" and not a meal replacement.

The vanilla has a definite flavor but is definitely tame. It also suffers from the mouth feel problem, which I think would be a problem for narration and singing.

See Soylent for a lot of notes which also apply to this product.

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Make your own URL shortener. e.g. for the owner of links can be shortened like so:

Includes statistics.

Impressively simple and easy to use. I chose it because it has one single very small script.

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A commandline downloader for YouTube videos and playlists (and not comments). Also works for a surprising number of other websites.

It has no competition, so I guess I can say that it'll have to do, but it really is good.

See also:

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