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Altered Carbon - (2018 show) image

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Pseudo-immortality is reached when alien technology allows humans to save their consciousnesses to reusable disks, and a criminal's disk is brought online from deep storage, for him to investigate the crime against an ancient and powerful man.

Finally, a science fiction show with real depth and darkness. Highly recommended.

Mayflash PS2 Controller Programmable Convertor image

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A PlayStation 2 controller macro device.

This is a middleman between a standard PlayStation 2 controller and the console. It can also be chained through to a USB adapter or other such device, to ultimately let an original PS2 controller work with a computer.

Unfortunately, this has an limited number of button presses that it can do! I think it's 9 or 10.

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Process Lasso image

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A host of features to manage processes, such as changing CPU priority. It has lots of automated magic for system happiness. I use it for its control of the CPU's power profile, making this the equivalent of Linux's cpufrequtils.

Highly recommended.

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Timeline - (1999 book) cover

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Archaeologists discover the site they're working on is surrounded by land owned by their funder, a rich technology company, which is even more interested in it than they.

A riveting book that escalates into a great pace by its middle, and had me turning pages until I finished that latter half in one afternoon. The end chapter is an embarrassingly-bad wrap-up though, which was saddening, but it did not ruin the story.

Highly-recommended. This book has turned me back into a reader.

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