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Groundhog Day (1993) poster

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An asshole anchorman is sent to a little town to do a fluff story on Groundhog Day, but karma bites him in the ass when the town gets snowed-in.

A fantastic movie not just for the usual things, but for the execution of its idea. Unlike so many movies that have its elements, this one stays grounded and accessible. This movie is well-loved and highly recommended.

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Altered Carbon - (2018 show) image

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Pseudo-immortality is reached when alien technology allows humans to save their consciousnesses to reusable disks, and a criminal's disk is brought online from deep storage, for him to investigate the crime against an ancient and powerful man.

Finally, a science fiction show with real depth and darkness. Highly recommended.

Mayflash PS2 Controller Programmable Convertor image

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A PlayStation 2 controller macro device.

This is a middleman between a standard PlayStation 2 controller and the console. It can also be chained through to a USB adapter or other such device, to ultimately let an original PS2 controller work with a computer.

Unfortunately, this has an limited number of button presses that it can do! I think it's 9 or 10.

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