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Ported 2005-07-31 from an earlier system. This project's original inception date is unknown.


  • I'm not even a lucid dreamer anymore, and haven't been for some time.
  • Sub-topics to it are still stranded on the old wiki.

It's likely everything got ported by 2006-03-11 or so.

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Thu 19 Mar 1987 - Lucid Dreaming
From an article in Omni Magazine (April 1987 issue)
Text File by: Sir Tristram (Michael O'Brien), Sysop of:The Dark Forest
714/730-6248 (Irvine, Southern California)

Release Date: Thursday, 19 March 1987

  • By Stephen LaBerge and Jayne Gackenbach
  • The OMNI Experience
  • Properly titled Power Trips: Controlling Your Dreams

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