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A client renown for actually being developed.

Oh my god it's like I'm the first person to look at the website or use the program.

  • php-like scripting language
  • Can interact with the shell

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An oldschool music player.

Has potential, but is missing critical features and its development appears to have ceased. Only good for playing ASMA (Atar) .mus, .str, and .wds files.

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Like scrabble with words, assemble phrases to do varying degrees of insult-damage.

This definitely should appeal to some people, but it doesn't appeal to me. I think this would be especially attractive to people with an Android phone.

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One of the major programming languages.

Unfortunately, Java sucks, therefore everything made with Java sucks.

There are free and open source implementations of Java, which I have limited experience with.

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A programming language of some note.

I had some small interest in this language, primarily because it's used for World of Warcraft addon programming and general scripting [ 1 ] Note that World of Warcraft's programming is separate from it's macros. , but I ended up losing interest in it and in programming in general.

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^ 1 Note that World of Warcraft's programming is separate from it's macros.