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A vastly easier-to-use fork of Stable Diffusion.

Fucking amazing.

Unfortunately, I can't actually get anything decent to render. It comes down to the complexity of the prompts. It doesn't use the same prompts as Stable Diffusion, so it's too annoying to copy-paste and even prove that it works to make anything decent at all; fail.

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Homebrew: finestructure/Hummingbird

Linux-style alt-drag to move windows on macOS

A fork of Easy Move+Resize with different usage.

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Brave is a web browser that uses components from Chrome to build a more security-conscious browser which also has an alternate advertising mechanism with revenue sharing.

Like Chrome, it's missing fundamental things.

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Apple stops providing support and a download for old hardware. However, it is possible to force an install. The project that is responsible for this magic has achieved something truly spectacular, making it trivially easy using this GUI software.

WARNING: This is an extremely stupid and dangerous process to attempt without reading, understanding, and preparing the whole process up front. See It really is very easy and works 100% for "only fairly ancient" hardware, but "very ancient" hardware might not be fully supported (yet?).

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