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BindPad image

World of Warcraft > AddOns >

Bind spells items, and macros to keys without using actionbar slots.

Straightforward and extremely powerful.

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Super Duper Macro image 3

World of Warcraft > AddOns > (my fork)

  • Create macros beyond the 255-character limit, and even beyond the 1023-character macrotext limit.

    • However, no individual line in a macro may be more than 1023 characters long (you will get a warning).
    • The number of lines is unlimited.
  • Share macros in-game.
  • Button macros

    • 36 global and 18 character-specific for each character.
  • Floating macros accessed by /click

    • You can make as many of these as you want.
  • Lua scripts of unlimited length

    • /sdm run <name>
    • sdm_RunScript("name")


  • /sdm

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Macro Toolkit 1

World of Warcraft > AddOns >


  • Macro Shortening
  • Key Binding and key bind only macros
  • Extended Macros
  • Condition Builder
  • Extended, Searchable Icon Frame
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Syntax Checking
  • Insert Special commands
  • Easy Slot Selection
  • Backup / Restore
  • Macro sharing
  • Add Custom Slash Sommands
  • Slash Commands for Common Lua Script Functions
  • Copy macros between characters

Not used because it Breaks Super Duper Macro. I remember giving it a reasonable try and just not liking it in comparison to Super Duper Macro.

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World of Warcraft > AddOns >

Edits a macro based on what food and drink you have in your bag.

I use it to have two macros, one for food and one for drink. Though this addon also puts a healing or mana potion in there, I don't trust that I'll use the right hotkey.

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Clique image 1

World of Warcraft > AddOns >

Bind keys or mouse clicks to spells and macros when mousing over a unit frame.

I use this for clicking on frames to heal that target.

The addon that I may have used the longest. Absolutely mandatory, especially for healers.

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