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Qigong is energy training and makes use of a Zen state of mind.

The soft style of the Eight Section Brocade, or Eight Treasures Exercises, emphasizing Daoist exercise methods and aims, is arguably now the most popular qigong exercise set practiced all around the world.

  • also known as Chi Kung

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(Wikipedia: Kung fu · Chinese martial arts)

A classic description of martial arts in general, it's actually specific to Chinese Martial arts and is appropriated as a generic term for all, or just Asian, martial arts.

  • Literally "time" (夫) and "work" (功) ("effort", or "one who is highly skilled")
  • Mandarin Pinyin: gōngfu
  • Cantonese Pinyin: gūng fū)

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Grappling and throwing arts. Focuses on relaxation.

Strong philosophical component, breeding a mindset which searches for alternatives to combat in the real world. For the most part there is no sparring and no competition in most training. Strong indication of health and well-being benefits among practitioners. Low-stress environment.

Strongly differing variations.

Although well-respected, it's street efficacy is (rightly) questioned.

Founded by Morihei Ueshiba.

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(Tai chi on Wikipedia)

A martial art which also embraces Yin-Yang in a philosophic component. Makes extensive use of Qigong, with marked differences.

The training is gentle and graceful, and there is no need for special apparati. It is a gentle approach for developing power and stamina, as well as calmness and mental freshness. Taijiquan is a very effective martial art, where physical size and mechanical strength are not necessarily winning factors.

  • AKA: Tai Chi Chuan (T'ai Chi Ch'üan)

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