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A freemium Minecraft clone with a number of improved features.

It's prettier but has a lot of pop-in. The two block-high jump and sliding movement are unsettling. It's nice to have a list of all crafting patterns, and searching is nice. Crafting is very nice with its previews.

Overall I'd say this is a good game and an appropriate drop-in replacement for people who like Minecraft.

  • 2021-05-28 -- The website has been dead for a while.

    • 2021-02-08 was the date of the last archive.

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A procedurally generated survival game with shitty graphics, which became popular because it was first-to-market and took advantage of nostalgia.

Unfortunately, Minecraft was never completed and the author fucked off with the money to make another game. Even with extraordinary success, the author didn't make good on promises and the game was never finished.

I loved this game, and even bought it twice to support the developer, but because it was Java it would bring a computer to its knees. Being sold out to Microsoft (for their upcoming virtual reality stuff I'd bet) was bafflingly insulting.

I would try it again years later, and it hasn't had basic improvements.

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