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An awkward dungeon management game, with walls you can't dig out, rooms you build but don't know how much of or what size, and an interface that could only be inspired by a 1980s DOS game.

Absolutely not recommended.

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TODO - tested and working, though my most recent Lubuntu experimentation has problems I'm still troubleshooting.

At best, my computer hangs when prompting for a password. I think this is related to the 4.4.14 kernel but have not confirmed this.


These instructions are a lot easier than they seem, and a smart and patient beginner will be able to follow them!

  • These notes were made from instructions from Slackware "current", as of 2016-11-05, and have been tested on Slackware 14.2, and 14.2 32bit.
  • These notes were made on an everyday system with one hard drive which I completely formatted for this purpose.

    • If you are a new user, it is strongly recommended that you remove all hard drive's your using and do this on a spare unused/empty drive.
  • This concept and these notes build a full-disk Slackware installation which also uses LVM. You can safely ignore the entire LVM post and just follow this one.

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Problem: A USB stick cannot boot with any of Porteus, the boot-repair LiveUSB, or SystemRescueCD. It used to be bootable with Porteus, and before that it could boot with other Linux LiveUSB distributions.

Solution: unsolved

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  • Updated supermaryface with pictures that actually work. It appears that long filenames are silently failing.

    • No, it wasn't long filenames. With some more checking, it appears that random files disappeared. I'm re-uploading them to see if that makes a difference.
    • No, that made no difference, so I deleted all images and re-uploaded them from backups, confirming they have the correct permissions.
    • Audited 3000+ images and restored some which were broken.
    • Holy shit, other images are broken. Not just broken, but entirely missing. Missing from my backups too. This is fucking weird. I'm auditing this entire blog. I've already finished recent ones, and found a handful of things which are broken. I'll continue this process asap.
  • Wow, BadRam is cool.

    • Linux kernel support for broken RAM modules.
  • Because I made an Openbox hotkey for Music on Console, I wanted to explore hotkeys for things like volume control.

  • Made /tag/audio-software and /tag/media software
  • Apparently I had two articles on 3D printing, so I roughly-merged them.
  • So I decided to use some images for NumLockX, but instead of some mspaint-esque red circle, I wanted to make something a little nicer. Since I already learned GIMP transparent backgrounds, I wondered if I could create a greyed-image with an ungreyed-area. It turns out I can! Thus GIMP transparency masking was born.

    • Did I mention I love documentation? I have? Well it bears repeating.
  • Fuck, EverQuest Next was cancelled!

  • Continued improvements to items in /tag/linux-software+live+liked.

    • Saying that makes me feel like the artists for Path of Exile. Their patch notes pretty much say their equivalent of Minecraft's "removed Herobrine" by saying "incremental improvements to graphics and sound". Which, unlike (at the time) Mojang, was actually true. Little touches at every opportunity, lots of love from Grinding Gear Games.
    • Re-edited past one to state the fact that I last used that program on Lubuntu 14.04.4 LTS. I'm not compelled to update the pages for non-live programs.