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First, an advertisement to Windows 10 got baked into Windows 8.1, probably via its update service. Sigh.

It appeared as a tray icon.

The resulting window, which doesn't tell me nearly enough, has "Learn more on windows.com" at its top-right.

That leads to


.. which does not exist. [ 1 ] what I saw · what I should have seen

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During my recent Linux distributions experimentation, I noticed a few times that Windows 8.1 would no longer "see" a particular USB stick I was using. It would appear within the device list, would test correctly but would not appear in the left-hand pane in explorer.

I learned that this was because one or more of the distributions I was testing would, for unfathomable reasons, prep the USB stick strangely.

Why Windows wouldn't just offer to format the stick is unknown to me.

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A rescue distribution.

I'm using this logo .. because reasons
I'm using this logo .. because reasons

(on Wikipedia)

A filesystem I use because of checksumming and de-duplication.

Very good, although I've had a sketchy history with it. I've used multiple versions of it, sometimes mounting the same partition with different versions of it.

I stopped using it because I lost trust in its reliability.

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