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Assassin's Creed - (2016 movie) poster

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A murderer is saved from death only to be used in an experiment to explore his ancestry.

It's an awkward combination of slowness with action. I suspect it could have been quite good, as it has the elements for it.. but the writing is shit in enough significant places that it can't recover. It has an abysmal resolution, making the whole experience regrettable.

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Metroid - The Sky Calls (2015) image

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Receiving a signal from her now-dead foster-parent race, Samus Aran investigates.

There is no plot. It's confusing and ugly. Do not watch this.

  • Properly titled Metroid: The Sky Calls
  • See also Metroid the video game, on Wikipedia.
  • A Sam R. Balcomb film.

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