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"lone wolf", by Nirrimi Hakanson
"lone wolf", by Nirrimi Hakanson
"Make My Heart Flutter", by Escapetoparadise
"Make My Heart Flutter", by Escapetoparadise

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Wikipedia: Trance

Music has some notes on my taste, which apply to Trance.

I have a particular love of female vocal progressive trance. It's lighthearted and romantic. I've been listening to this style and sub-style of music for a while now. I intend to keep listening, and I like to share the things I love. Isn't that what love is? If you like my curating, then you're in for a treat.

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KnuckleTracks [ 1 ] Earlier archives note previous editions.

KnuckleTracks and Blood Tracks were CD samplers of (usually) heavy metal music from various bands. They came with the (physical) magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles.

I had lots of exposure of hard rock and heavy metal before my collecting Knuckletracks, but this was my grand induction into the world of Heavy Metal and what I would later learn is called Goth or Gothic Metal.

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^ 1 Earlier archives note previous editions.

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Most of my historical introduction to and experience of music has been committed to archives. Though it's all difficult to dig back up, I feel it will be worth working on. I think sharing music is something we all would love even more than the music itself.

Contact Me for anything you think I'd like. YouTube channels, radio which shares song titles, playlists or other sources. I'm looking for curated content, not massive archives. I also don't want to host music, so the sources would have to be online if I am ever to re-share them.

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