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In a dystopic future akin to Brave New World - (1932 book), by Aldous Huxley, everyone is lost in a virtual reality, playing a game to take control of the world's largest corporation.

This movie is parasitic to the childhoods of old men and permanent-children. It's worth a watch if you're over 40, otherwise it'll be a fairly confusing mess of references.

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An oldschool music player.

Has potential, but is missing critical features and its development appears to have ceased. Only good for playing ASMA (Atar) .mus, .str, and .wds files.

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https://github.com/jbruchon/elks [ 1 ] was github.com/elks-org/elks [ 2 ] was github.com/Embeddable-Linux-Kernel-Subset/elks [ 3 ] was github.com/jbruchon/elks

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^ 1 was github.com/elks-org/elks
^ 2 was github.com/Embeddable-Linux-Kernel-Subset/elks
^ 3 was github.com/jbruchon/elks

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A multiplayer, text, third-person shooter originally made for DOS, but I know it from Novell Netware.

I had a hell of a lot of fun with it. Perhaps it's nostalgia which makes me stay so fond of it, but I think the fundamental gameplay still holds up today. I could easily imagine a great updated version of this but I have and still do see this same gameplay in all sorts of other top-down games.


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A book on a particular aspect of culture and events in the history of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It glimpses into one aspect of "playful hacking", pranks and practical jokes.

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TODO - import more of its archived text

This is on my list of books to re-read.


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www.freax.hu [ 1 ] on archive.org

A book on the history of the demoscene.

This is on history and itself has become a collectable piece of it. I bought and read this years ago.. probably in 2007 or thereabouts.

  • aka Freax volume 1. - A brief history of the computer demoscene
  • by by Tamas Polgar, aka Tomkatz / Madwizards
  • Copyright and published by CWS Verlag
  • ISBN (blank)
  • Available as an e-book.

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A time capsule shot into space back in 1982 is received as a declaration of war by aliens, who respond with multiple waves of 1980s video games-made-real, which only lifetime-loser video game nerds can face.

Uh. From the ground up, this movie cannot work. It's a kids movie which relies upon the nostalgia only a handful of middle-aged men might have but hopefully won't.

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was kickstarter.com/projects/kungfury/kung-fury

Kung Fury travels through time to fight the forces of Kung Führer.

A fantastic action-comedy, most especially for people who grew up in the 1980s.

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