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Diablo 2 cover art

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2016-12-25 - Blizzard still hasn't abandoned it yet.

It's ugly to an extreme, and offensive to my eyes to even look at it. The controls are awkward and hard on my mouse hand.

  • Properly titled Diablo II
  • Followed by Diablo 3

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TODO - there are WAY more notes to add

Guild Wars logo

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I really thought Guild Wars had it all when I learned of it. I went out and found all of the resources i could, and noted all the specs and rumours and whatnot. I ended up becoming a beta tester for it and everything.

Sadly, during gameplay I was very severely disappointed and walked away. I went back to try it a second time and what I considered to be very serious and obvious issues were not and apparently would not be addressed. This topic only remains for amusement's sake, as a testament to my ability to waste huge amounts of time for nothing.

  • Note that I am bound by a beta tester's NDA, so I cannot discuss the various things which went on during my time as a tester.
  • Followed by Guild Wars 2

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An awkward shooter which has a music player. I guess the music is related to the gameplay, but I don't see how.

  • Online radio song selection.
  • Really shit folder selection. I accidentally hit upon v to use a proper windows dialog.
  • Cannot choose a folder and have it recursively search.