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This is not (yet?) in development, but is something I will keep an eye on.

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The spiritual successor to Firefall

  • Crowdfunded with small step milestones
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • A shooter first, with great movement, guns and abilities. Skill matters. Progression is horizontal, opening up more options, abilities, and gameplay
  • Mining and gathering resources with the aid of huge, autonomous mechs. Resources matter, and finding and gathering them is fun
  • Build and customize your own "omniframe" suit and weapons system. Customize them to your unique needs and the role you want to fulfill
  • Sandbox world. Terraform the planet over time, create pockets of habitable areas and build refineries, defenses, and bases of operation
  • Play a simulated world, with dynamic events. Go anywhere, do anything. Events will unfold around you as you play -- perhaps even war



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Explore, survive, gather and trade while making your way to the galactic core.

Every single described goal of this game has failed. It is a bad flight-simulator, with bad crafting, bad technology, and bad survival mechanics. It is set on procedurally generated planets so vast that nothing matters, in a procedurally-generated universe so vast that nothing matters. What's worse is that it is so godawfully crowded with hand-holding that it becomes both easy and repetitive. Being ugly and with abysmal performance, it's not even an exploration time-waster.

Perhaps in some years they will change/fix many of its issues, but I believe it has a fundamental casualness to it that anchors its core gameplay problems. This is not a game made for gamers.

2017-05-07 update: I tried it again, and it just isn't worth it. If its graphics were the same as before (they're busted now) then maybe. I have another video card but I'm not going to swap things around or fiddle with installing an old version of my card's drivers. I just don't want to bother any more.

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A top-down action fighting semi-roleplaying game.

I played quite a bit of it until early 2015. Spiral Knights is an exceptional game, but unfortunately as of the last time I played it, it lacks balance and so it lacks variety.

This is an exception to Java sucks, therefore everything made with Java sucks.

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Build and fight with robot vehicles.

I played a bit of it, and it was interesting but didn't really do it for me.

They won't stop spamming me. Their mailing list unsubscription doesn't work for me.

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on (Flash)
on steam (Steam)

Balloons threaten monkeys, and you coordinate their defence.

I'm big on tower defence games, and this is a very good one.

The flash version is liked. The Steam version is disliked. Maybe the more adult multiplay on the Steam version would make it worth some money, but not at its price.

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