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An operating system most notably on mobile phones, but also found on media boxes.

Fundamentally flawed - It is tethered to Google in as many ways as they've made possible. From a time server, to internet traffic compression. From google play requiring an account requiring your verified phone number. From hoops to download and install software from their store. It's fucking awful.

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https://github.com/jbruchon/elks [ 1 ] was github.com/elks-org/elks [ 2 ] was github.com/Embeddable-Linux-Kernel-Subset/elks [ 3 ] was github.com/jbruchon/elks

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1. was github.com/elks-org/elks
2. was github.com/Embeddable-Linux-Kernel-Subset/elks
3. was github.com/jbruchon/elks
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A free operating system which initially intrigued me because of it's fundamental philosophies of freedom. Free as in freedom (Libre) and free as in beer (Gratis). Now it's also about ease of use.

Distribution Last tested LiveUSB Package Management Rolling Release systemd? Ease
Slackware 2016-03-25 - 14.1 text installer partial + third-party security No (1, 2, 3) "other"
Lubuntu 2016-03-25 - 14.04.4 LTS yes yes yes yes easy, light

(I may get around to updating this table for other distributions, or expanding it.)

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