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A top-down shooter game which uses music to generate levels.

Absolutely fantastic! HOWEVER progress is not auto-saved! Who the fuck makes a game where you can abandon everything you've played just by pressing a button too many times?!

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A password manager.

I found KeePassx while exploring replacing Firefox, and when looking at replacing web browser components. I wanted something cross-platform and open source.

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Chocolatey: gimp

An incredibly capable (and therefore very convoluted) image editor.

I use this:

  • GNU Image Manipulation Program
  • Often called "The Gimp".

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A BitTorrent client.

old opinion

From 2010 or so.

One of it's chief benefits is the ability to throttle its bandwidth. It's a rare and powerful ability, and is something that's normally only available at the firewall/router level. I hope there have been a number of other clients out there which have this functionality now, cause I just can't use Deluge.

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A cross-platform open-source animation program.

I didn't want to deal with Blender, so I checked this out for simple animations. So far, so good. Even at a glance it could have been done far better, but maybe I can make do.

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https://www.qemu.org/ [ 1 ] was http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/

A platform emulator thingy thing. With powerful features and stuff.

I haven't really directly used it, except briefly with MultiBootUSB where it didn't have mouse support.

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