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Don't mistake this for the movie Alien - (1979 movie)

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A tool to convert between package management types.

Mandatory for getting software working which does not have a maintainer for one's current distribution.

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Given a YouTube or Vimeo URL, downloads the underlying video file, with a sensible file name. It downloads the highest resolution version of the video available: first it tries HD MP4, then regular MP4, then WebM, and finally FLV. It also works on playlists, and works as a bookmarklet[doesn't exist] to download the video you're watching.

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Given a URL of a photo gallery, this downloads the largest versions of all of the photos.

  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • Picasa
  • OvaHere
  • Google Drive
  • SF Weekly (and related sites)
  • Instagram
  • and sites using SmugMug or Zen Folio

Tested 2016-03-18 on Lubuntu - Tested and works for instagram, but I couldn't get proper filenames.

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