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As this is offered by my host, I let it get installed.

While I had some issues with caching and BlogText.. they ended up just going away.

NOT RECOMMENDED .. because it I wasn't able to easily remove it from my site once it had its claws in it.

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Make your own URL shortener. e.g. for the owner of links can be shortened like so:

Includes statistics.

Impressively simple and easy to use. I chose it because it has one single very small script.

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more possibly coming later

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(on Wikipedia)

I would NEVER EVER recommend regular humans go anywhere near running raw server software on their desktop. It's a horror - I mean truly a horror unlike any you've ever imagined - to get that shit to work, to lock it down and to keep it running. If for some reason you did want to run a server, use a proper server distribution. A branch will eventually crop up for Unity Linux I'm sure, but there are Linux and BSD distributions which excel at this task.

So for us regular humans, a LAMP (software bundle) is the best thing to use. This is a collection of all the necessary tools which have been pre-configured to cooperate and bundled together in one .. much easier to use package. This concept has become wildly improved over the years, and I've used a bunch of different packages.

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Docmint is a CMS for making online manuals.  I reviewed it briefly as a candidate for Unity Linux's online guidebook.

It's unusable.

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(on MediaWiki) [ 1 ] was

A report generator.

I used it to build intelligent lists which draw from various other pages scattered throughout the wiki via templates.

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^ 1 was

This is only an idea, and is not real.

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If it existed, Phpss would be a simple website synchronization tool.

If it existed, it would be designed to be deployed on the source machine and will replicate files and a database to a remote target machine by FTP.

This is one of my random ideas. Feel free to implement it!

  • PHP Site Sync, pronnounced "peeps".

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Bad Behavior is a set of PHP scripts which automatically blocks harvesters, spam bots, and other funky stuff BEFORE they can even see the content of the website.

  • It requires browser identification before forms can be submitted.
  • Forms will work with JavaScript disabled.

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