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I can vaguely understand the idea behind stances.

I can also understand the benefits of a "hard" stance.

But defending with a resistive stance is like being a closed door. The attacker can either open the door - find a way to get you to soften, or kick the door in.

I'd prefer being a revolving door.

What happens when you "kick in" a revolving door?

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Used extensively in Taijiquan, although there are marked differences.

Qigong is energy training and makes use of a Zen state of mind.

The soft style of the Eight Section Brocade, or Eight Treasures Exercises, emphasizing Daoist exercise methods and aims, is arguably now the most popular qigong exercise set practiced all around the world.

  • also known as Chi Kung

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My variation on Dousing. The main idea is to slow down the action in order to better perceive and learn.

Slower, shower-dousing for body awareness, relaxation and alleviating fear of the cold.

This method of dousing is somehow easy and natural for me. Fear and tension become easier to analyse and adapt to. Relaxation in both posture and breathing becomes simple.

  • TODO (2004-11-08) - This should be revisited from the perspective of a pure-cold shower from beginning to end. Too bad I didn't really take any notes when I was doing that. Bleh.

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