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In a world where everyone must take a daily suppressant to survive a deadly plague, one cop is put on the case of a string of murders targeting its researchers.

As usual, Christopher Lambert is a terrible actor. I just realized he's another Keanu Reeves, where if you like the guy you'll be just fine.. and you'll also know how each of his characters will look and feel.

Kelly Brook is a work of art.

  • Released 2003-12-16

Aeon Flux (2005) poster

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A comedic commentary of Aeon Flux (2005).

Although amusing and with a few laugh-out-loud moments, this is mostly a waste of time. The RiffTrax concept might be nice for either fans or haters of a film, but this RiffTrax of this movie was not particularly entertaining to me. I'll likely get into other RiffTrax's later, so perhaps my opinion will change, but for now I don't recommend this.

  • Michael J. Nelson and Kevin Murphy
  • Copyright 2006. I'm not sure why it's copyright 2006 but was released in 2007.

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Aeon Flux (2005) poster

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(on Wikipedia) (dead as of 2016-01-16)

In a ruined world, the last remaining city is revealed to be populated by clones, the need of which the lead scientist hopes to cure but his brother works to persist.

Overall a decent flick, but with great music that quickly becomes over-the-top with its loud pervasiveness. It starts strong, but its big ending action sequence looks cheesy as all hell. I can tentatively say I like this movie. I have, after all, seen it multiple times. Something in me is saddened somehow, as though this movie should have been better but I can't put my finger on it. I'm not familiar with its source material, but I expect those who are would have more grounds to find fault with this movie.

  • Properly titled Æon Flux
  • Based on the TV series Æon Flux.