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Another craptastic poor-graphic ps1 game. =/

The fighting is really annoying. Having to push the button at a certain time is fine, but the way they went about it is so fucking tedious and confusing.

The text scrolling is damned slow.

Arrows to go to a new area always point down. They should be nearer to their associated direction or pointing in the right direction.

Tomb Raider 3 - (1998 game) ps2 cover

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Has videos for Chicken Run and Time Splitters.

Start the game. Walk. Die on punji sticks. =/

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Tomb Raider 2 - (1997 game) ps2 cover

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Looks good so far. I managed to make the classical music in Lara's house skip. Ugh. But I figured out how to trap the butler in the fridge! =)

  • properly titled Tomb Raider II