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  • You own a PlayStation 2
  • You own official PlayStation 2 discs

    • PlayStation 1 discs will also be researched.

The use cases are much the same as with DVD ripping:

  • Back discs up before disc rot sets in.
  • Rip discs and keep them safe

    • e.g. parents with little kids who damage discs.
  • Playing on a PlayStation 2 which has a broken DVD drive.

I never really got around to pursuing this as a proper project.

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Steam: Disgaea PC

A tactics game so good it's worth buying a PlayStation 2 for.

Disgaea 2 - Cursed Memories - (2006 game) image

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Steam: Disgaea 2 PC

Well, it's got a sellout anime feeling to it. The graphics and sound are more cartoonish. A number of the annoyances of the first game have been hammered out, but there is a "toy" quality to the game which replaces the original gritty feeling of the original game.

Drakengard 2

todo - make a proper page

A particularly good scroll-and-slay type game. Pseudo-rpg, with character improvements via weapons and equipment.

Decent game. Has a fair amount of complexity but it's manageable. The camera controls somehow don't work for me. A bit repetitive until you get into things properly.. and then it's fun.. repetitive but fun. Crap-assed ending.

  • aka Drag-On Dragoon 2: love red, ambivalence black

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God of War - (2005 game) PS2 NTSC cover

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Cool, but has automatic camera angles and too much button mashing.

Too much oddness for me to deal with it. God of War 2 might be worth it though, but I dunno.

Shin Megami Tensei - Digital Devil Saga 2 image

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(on Wikipedia) [ 1 ] was which was, in 2020-01-01, Flash!

A Pretty boring elements-based game. Basically.. from memory, you must select the right combination of moves.

The scenery is boring. It's a bunch of interconnecting rooms. You walk around and get lost, and have randumb encounters.

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