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A cop from an authoritarian future is caught up in a daring time-travel jail-break, to become stranded in present-day Vancouver Canada.

Overall this is adequate, but with several plot points and character traits which are difficult to believe. The biggest problem I have is the various brushes against citizen-terrorism apologetics. My takeaway is that this show is "safe", with some edginess fabricated for the kids.

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A detective is haunted with hallucinations that include his dead partner, who was killed under mysterious circumstances.

I think some would find this movie slow and boring, and I did at first, but it very quickly revealed a depth and character that I haven't seen in any television show before and I doubt I will again.

This isn't a classic cop-and-mystery show. All I can say is give this a good chance, at least until the end of the second episode.

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TODO - Watch the special features, there's a lot.

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A cop's early investigation into a police fund theft has him killed, leaving his framed hostage-negotiator partner to use the only tool he has available to find the real killer.

A really great movie with a unique topic. Recommended.

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