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TODO (try harder) - I need to create screenshots and clarify some steps. I feel that some instructions are too vague and may be slightly wrong.

(port) > Borderlands 2 - (2012 game) >

See also Creating a large shared bank for Borderlands 2 on Windows

I used to play Borderlands 2 - (2012 game) on the Xbox 360. I wanted to switch to playing on my desktop computer. I bought an Xbox One wired controller so everything should be the same. I achieved complete success.

Read this entire page before beginning.

This was tested on Windows 8.1 in mid 2015.

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(port) > Thunderbird + YouTube + RSS

I thought YouTube didn't do RSS any more, but Brad left a comment with details. They are untested.

RSS was tested with YouTube subscriptions. While it can do it, it's atrocious. It doesn't get everything, and doesn't get new items even a week later, and it keeps showing duplicates. It's horrifically slow.

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  1. Exporting YouTube subscriptions as Thunderbird RSS feeds
  2. coming later: Exporting YouTube subscriptions as Google Reader RSS feeds
  3. coming later: Exporting YouTube subscriptions as an RSS OPML file

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