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Kobo Aura ONE 01a

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An E-book reader.

Because this is my first e-reader, I can't judge it against it's peers. It works well.

It is spectacular hardware-wise. Its software works, but it is sometimes obviously or even critically lacking. It lacking a file browser and respecting directories is bad enough that I can't really use it for its intended purpose, and almost regret buying it.


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A very inexpensive yet capable phone.

At a glance, it seems okay. Android and every app I've seen have many UI flaws, but that's not the X20's fault.

After a week of use, I have to say this is a fantastic phone. It's the perfect beginner's smartphone and there's nothing I've done that's been limited in any way whatsoever by its specifications. I have not run out of storage or memory.. not even close. Do note that I haven't played any games, and I probably never will.

I am really ticked that it doesn't have OTG support, so I can't use the microSD for anything but charging. Powering off, pulling my charging dongle out, removing the half-case, removing the battery cover, removing the battery and moving the CD card back and forth is an awful, awful, way for me to edit files.

  • The minimum volume is way too loud.

  • I don't think the bottom USB-C port works for a USB key.

Whoops, I broke my HP 200LX.. I'll have to get it repaired before I can re-open this project.

NOTE TO SELF - Maybe try to get a 96 MB upgrade. What did I have?

This is just a placeholder page for now.

HP 200LX image

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8086 DOS Clamshell Palmtop

  • ~2015-08-27 -- This was replaced by my Zaurus SL-C1000.
  • 2006-06-12 -- I still have my HP 200LX which I adore but just haven't been using.

    • If I can get a DOS emulator going on my Zaurus SL-C1000 then I'll be doing some heavy work to get my DOS stuff back up and running.
    • Either way I'll have access to Ruby programming and random Linux hackery, so I'll be happy.
  • 2005-11-05 -- This was ported from my old CMS, and refactored.

    • I had noted: There's more work to be done though, and more porting to be had.
  • I got this before 2001-03-04, and around or after 2000-10

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Tiny Linux QWERTY gaming palmtop

  • aka the OpenPandora
  • By default, runs the Angstrom Linux distribution.
  • (will be) Replaced by the Pyra.
  • 2012-05-09 -- received
  • ~2010-01-24 - This was replaced by my Zaurus SL-C1000.

    • 2018-01-09 -- I'm not sure what this note is.

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TODO - Make a proper page
TODO - My notes are in deep archives.

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A QWERTY clamshell palmtop which runs Linux.


  • ~2010-01-24 -- This was replaced by my Pandora.
  • ~2006-06-12 -- This mostly-replaced my Dell DJ Ditty.
  • ~2006-06-12 -- This replaced my HP 200LX.

    • I pair $400 CAD for it.

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(store link not recorded)

Back when it was a thing, I had a CD player which could play MP3s.

This unit is entirely out of date now, but the assurance of quality which would be created with this one may well carry forward to their newer models. Be assured that my opinion of both the brand and the reseller is still poor.

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