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A top-down bullet hell roguelike RPG thing.

Meh, it's a derivative of Vampire Survivors - (2022 game)

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Roam around harassing NPCs and accidentally-clicking in combat.

It has some really obvious and fundamental flaws that make it just terrible to cope with. I feel like I have to struggle against its design. The abilities are buckshot across the interface, the inventory is a hot mess, and combat is awkward and unforgiving. The dialog trees are kind of stupid most of the time, and player customization isn't particularly present, which is strange for a roleplaying game. I can only see that this has appeal because there have been no decent AAA games lately, and their variety is absolute shit.

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A fantastic mid-range phone, notable for a 6,150 mAh battery, NFC and near-stock Android 10.

  • Abandoned, as CVE-2022-0847 was not fixed.
  • Subject to the dirty Pipe security exploit (CVE-2022-0847).
  • The whole company is not recommended, as they neither update their devices nor even remove spam on their forum e.g. this.

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A Rebel in Time - (1983 book), by Harry Harrison image

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A man tails a racist who goes back in time to arm the slavers in the upcoming American Civil War.

Fair I guess. Not particularly time travel or science fiction, but once it gets into things it's more of a period piece; not my thing.

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A meal replacement beverage.

A hands-down spectacular idea and implementation. I ate Soylent for months, and have even eaten it both as a snack, then a meal, and then as my only food. Highly recommended, not just for diet or general health but for lifestyle.

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