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A Rebel in Time - (1983 book), by Harry Harrison image

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A man tails a racist who goes back in time to arm the slavers in the upcoming American Civil War.

Fair I guess. Not particularly time travel or science fiction, but once it gets into things it's more of a period piece; not my thing.

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A meal replacement beverage.

A hands-down spectacular idea and implementation. I ate Soylent for months, and have even eaten it both as a snack, then a meal, and then as my only food. Highly recommended, not just for diet or general health but for lifestyle.

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Tiko is a unibody 3d printer which I backed.

To get this working, I had to really push hard to get the filament to load. This was a frustrating first experience. I was then entirely unimpressed with the quality of its prints, even after a lot of fiddling.

Later, when I returned to use it, it seems that filament has snapped off inside it, and it thinks its loaded and will not load new filament. Heating does not remove it. I fiddled a lot, once more.. I'm giving up on it, it's garbage.

I did end up fixing it.. after giving it away.

See Tiko first impressions. It fails, hard.

  • It requires a wireless internet connection.
  • You require a wireless connection to it.

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Philosophy in the Flesh - (1999 book), by Lakoff, Johnson image

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This book is mind blowing. I think the best description I can give of what it's topic and goals are is to present the first chapter, in full. From here I think anyone interested in the subject will understand fully where this book is going and the intentions of the authors.

  • Properly titled Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought
  • By George Lakoff and Mark Johnson.

  • ISBN-10 0-465-05674-1

  • TODO - The various Wikipedia topics would need references to cognitive philosophy as a contraindication to the various topics, and in those topics to specifically cite passages in the introduction in this book.
  • TODO - Finish the linking.

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