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Ruby is a true object-oriented programming language renown for its ease for comprehension and maintainability. It can do most of the things other programming languages can do, but the programmer has more fun.

Now at the end of 2016, when I look at my very old notes from 2007 I wonder.. Is Ruby's hayday over?.

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TODO - there are a lot of other notes in deep archives

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  • The official DOS version is abandoned.
  • An an open source version was released for FreeDOS, but it appears to be abandoned.
  • The Windows version was called 4NT, but later renamed to TCC/LE


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A programming language.

Smalltalk (Programming):

Smalltalk is intriguing. Very intriguing. I was turned onto this while Ruby was a live project, where the rabbit hold led me to Seaside.

Smalltalk leads to Squeak, the open source implementation, and through one if its main contributors (Alan Kay) leads to the Croquet Project.

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