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[ 1 ] deleted from Wikipedia

A MUD game server. It supports traditional Telnet/MU* clients, and also comes with (optional) web server software that creates a complete web-client for user who surf to it with their web browser.

I thought this was a separate server with a separate client which used a web browser as its GUI. It is not that.

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A Python program to download all media from an Instagram account.

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An offline version of Khan Academy.

A free lightweight solution providing high-quality education where you need it most.

Though this software is unofficial, it is known of and approved by the official website.

disliked - because it has no concept of building a larger topic of things to work on, and showing an easy path to progress through them. Needing to pick through a large number of topics, sub-topics and quizzes and then manually and repeatedly going back into that list is inexcusably frustrating.

  • Once installed it's seen at

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Very geeky, sparse documentation (just a readme).. needs a lot more time

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^ 1 was

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(on Wikipedia)

A BitTorrent client.

It can't copy magnet links, so it's best to not use it.

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