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An fast, moderate-sized and extraordinarily cheap drive.

Refurbished, but these seem to be in good shape. Don't expect the intel manufacturer's warranty to have much, if any, time left. You're leaning on newegg, and then perhaps your credit card's insurance policy, if it has one.

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OCZ Agility SSD
OCZ Agility SSD

An SSD is a spectacular speed improvement.

  • 2013-12 - The drive suddenly locked up and no system will detect it. OCZ is out of business too.
  • 2015-10 - I didn't mention this, but I believe the problem was due to a half-inserted power cable. The hard drive was sortof dangling around, stuffed into a corner of my case because I was too cheap to buy a bracket for it. My bad. =( Also, it appears that Toshiba has bought OCZ.

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I got this some time ago

ASUS GeForce GTX 650 image

(on Wikipedia)

An excellent video card, that can manage nearly-ultra settings for World of Warcraft.

Notable because it is very low power: It only uses motherboard power and no additional cable directly from the power supply.

  • Mine is specifically the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650

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