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  • 2015-05-08 - "Simplicity over automation" fails this distro. While it's easier for the developers, it's a nightmare for documentation/tutorials and the user. I'd really hate having to deal with this philosophy.

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TODO - check out http://scruss.com/

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See also Remote desktop with the Raspberry Pi

xpra is similar to remote desktop, except it lets you run single application windows instead of a whole desktop environment. It also lets you "detach" from the session, so the applications you run will stay running on the Raspberry Pi when you turn off your other computer.

This would be idea, but I cannot get this working properly. At some point I had the Raspbian repository xpra working, but now I can't even get that version to exist. It says it installs, but it doesn't exist on the Raspberry Pi or my desktop.

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FIXME - I'm having some issues with configuration, where the regular start routine won't work, probably because I'm using a symbolic link for some configuration. Argh!

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I ended up going with transmission-daemon, because I had been using transmission on my desktop.

It's both capable and surprisingly easy to set up.

Tested 2013-11-01 on Raspbian 2013-09-25, updated recently.

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